Dear Students,

With the Internet becoming an indispensable part of life in recent years, the increasing use and technological developments have brought along some problems. The concept of Internet addiction, which is also referred to as problematic Internet use in the literature, appears as a problem of willpower that affects the lives of many adults starting from a young age, and it is mostly seen in young men. In Turkey, 75.3% of individuals between the ages of 16 and 74 use the Internet, and this rate is increasing every year.

Internet addiction, defined as a kind of impulse control disorder, includes components such as a person's mind being too busy with the Internet, not being able to control the use, affecting his daily life due to this increased use (missing classes, not being able to go to work, insomnia, deterioration of family relations, etc.), and spending most of his time on the Internet. In the diagnostic criteria determined by different researchers, symptoms such as anger, tension, and a feeling of emptiness are common when one is away from the Internet. Although there is no specific period of internet use in these criteria, intense and aimless use and spending most of the day in front of the computer are required for the diagnosis of addiction.

Why is the internet so interesting?

The Internet has become the most attractive mass media tool in recent years with its numerous possibilities. The innovations that this technology provides to individuals can be listed as follows:

Providing access to most of the information we are looking for
There is no need to change places to communicate.
It is easy to establish a relationship; it does not require as much effort as in real life.
Expressing things that are difficult to express face-to-face more easily on the screen,
The person can only present as much information about himself or herself as he or she wants on the Internet and assume a different identity.
Freedom to connect as many times as desired,
Offering rewards such as leveling up in games and earning virtual money,
Especially for the young age group, activities such as listening to music, shopping, and playing games can be done at the same time.
As an escape route used in difficult situations.
Suggestions for Coping with Internet Addiction

You can review your feelings and thoughts about the time you spend on the Internet. If you have feelings such as regret, anger, or guilt from this activity, you can think about them.
You can also list the physical problems you experience due to intensive use. If there are symptoms such as dry eyes, backaches, headaches, posture disorders, sleep problems, and eating problems, you can notice them and try to find out how they affect you.
Determining the purpose of internet use: When you sit down at the computer, you can write down your goals on small pieces of paper and cross them out as you reach them.
When you encounter a negative situation that upsets and angers you, instead of connecting to the Internet, you can engage in a hobby that you enjoy, go for a walk, or write down your feelings on paper.
You can use a daily Internet usage chart to better understand your Internet usage status. In particular, you can write down what time of day you started to use it, which event increased your desire to stay connected, how long you used it, and the result you experienced. For example, if you watched a video on the Internet for four hours while studying for an exam that you didn't like, and therefore your exam was bad, you should first identify this situation and accept the results.
You can often remind yourself that the Internet is not the real world. You can question how much the awards you earn in this virtual environment, such as respect, prestige, and leveling up, are compatible with your real life.
By reflecting on taking responsibility, you can find out what responsibilities the Internet relieves you of and how it has an impact on achieving your goals.
You need to be patient when you start regulating your internet use. Changing an established behavior can take time. It may not take a short time to provide a regulation regarding a tool that we can access at any time, such as the Internet.
If you have difficulty dealing with the problem you are experiencing, you can get support from an expert.
I hope to meet you on healthy days.



We wish you healthy and active days.