Precious Students of Yıldız Technical University, 
Our Precious “Yıldız”s (Turkish for “star”, also name of our University)
Built on Yıldız Technical University's mission of "Raising individuals who contribute to the needs of society and national competitiveness by achieving international level education, training, and research, and implementing innovative ideas and practices." and vision of "Becoming a global-scale leading university with its human-oriented, scientific, technological and social dimensions’, our student-oriented and collaboration supportive Dean of Students Office (DSO) is the home in İstanbul and the family of our undergraduate and graduate students, beginning from their registration and after their graduation.
The Dean of Students Office aims to solve the problems of undergraduate and graduate students during their education at Yıldız Technical University and to provide them with huge support to ensure that they have a peaceful, productive, and successful university period. DSO provides services and communication in the areas of academic resources, accessibility, career, school rules and legal issues, financial and administrative support and assistance, health and counselling resources, international students, security, and collaboration of student communities.
The Dean of Students Office desires to contribute to the formation of an intellectual mindset, care for social and personal development, collaboration, interconnection, and institutional belonging.
Our motto, "The people of Yıldız produce together" embodies our principles in achieving our objectives.
We are happy to be a part of ‘Yıldız’ and hope that our star shines!
Dean of Students Office