"A healthy mind in a healthy body." M.K. ATATURK.

We have venues for sports, health facilities and cultural activities on our Davutpaşa and Yıldız Campuses. In order to benefit from all facilities and opportunities, you can review the conditions and forms announced on the web sites of SKS, Communication Coordinatorship and related web pages.

SPORTS FACILITIES                        


To use the pool, you must first become a member. Membership is free; membership conditions, required documents, fees, session days and hours, detailed information about the pool are published on the website of our Department of Health, Culture and Sports. Students who want to use the facility regularly can pay a daily fee or have a monthly subscription. In addition, swimming lessons are provided for non-swimmers. Cash is not taken for fee payments, payments are made by credit card from the pos device. Entrances and exits are via the turnstiles by means of personalized cards.


In our halls located in Davutpaşa Campus, users do sports according to the program given by our sports instructors. In addition, in the indoor pool building, there is a women-only lounge with the same features as the mixed fitness hall. Fitness Centers are only open to institution personnel, students, retirees and graduates. Fitness centers cannot be used by people outside the university. Information about membership conditions, required documents, and fees is available on the website. You need to become a member in order to use sports facilities. Payments are made only by credit card. Entrances and exits are via the turnstiles by means of personalized cards.



There is one astro football pitch on Davutpaşa Campus of our university. In order to use the astro pitch, users must make a reservation. In addition, there are basketball and volleyball courts in both campus areas. Davutpaşa Campus has two tennis courts. The courts can be used by making a reservation one day before at the Fitness Center information office and paying a fee. Reservations are made for two players. All licensed club athletes and disabled members of our school benefit from the facilities free of charge during the academic period all year round.


In order to support your academic and social life and to open new areas for you, the Dean of Students works with the Department of Physical Education to plan and implement sports events with wide participation.

Our mentors in sports;

Instructor See. Cetin Erdem SONAL (

Instructor See. Gülsüm SONAL (